How to Gain Traction for your Web Content?

by | Dec 26, 2018

Are you a website owner or a blogger? How can you attract web traffic to your website/blog to triumph the world wide web? Here, comes the significance of the search engines.

You name it, it will get it, at a swift command. It surfs the worldwide data for your answer in a click. It solves your queries, makes shopping easier, facilitates digital marketing, educational tools, healthcare, travel, entertainment. Everyday we relentlessly search the web to satiate our queries – from recipes to business loop. Most of the users click on the first five websites that appear on any given Search Engine and therefore that’s the space websites vie for. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do the trick. SEO plays a key role in pulling the maximum web traffic to your blog. For being a part of search engines result list, we first need to enroll in the search engines.

Here is the list of search engines where you can introduce your website/blog existence

  1. Fill out the form in Google in ’add a URL’ page. Google Webmaster Central is a free tool where you can upload ’n’ number of URLs.
  2. Microsoft’s Bing is another search engine tool to upload your blog/website URLs.
  3. Yahoo search engine, not as popular as Google search engine but still can aim to get a reasonable traffic to your blog/website by uploading it.
  4. And many more search engine like,, Baidu, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo, Internet Archive, Yandex are also effective search engines to market your websites/blogs.

Advantages of SEO to your website /blog can shortly be stated as:

  1. Helps to position your website on top of the users’ search list.
  2. Search engines are used 24/7 by users all over the world. Hence it increases traffic to your website.
  3. SEO pulls the traffic for you, there is no need to advertise your website/blog.
  4. SEO is cost-effective as it is less expensive than advertising.
  5. Trust on search engine also increases the trust in your website/blog.

In brief, let’s see how exactly does SEO work for you? A search engine works according to text entered in the search bar. This text is termed as a keyword. Keywords may be a word or a sentence. Some of the words used in the content of the blog/website act as keywords to the search engine. The search engine searches for texted words of the search bar in our blog content to display on the users search list. Keywords play a major role to make your blog appear on the search list. A strategic approach has to be implemented for using the right keywords. Right keywords will rank your blog high with the help of SEO.

Tips for finding the best keywords

  1. Opt for the best keyword research tool like SEMRUSH, Alexa, WordStream.
  2. Lengthy keywords are preferable.
  3. Use more competitive keywords. Less competitive words have less traffic.
  4. Use of keywords more often in the blog helps to count high in process of searching. Keywords in the heading and subheadings are also best suggested.
  5. The usage of the keywords synonyms in the blog also helps search engines to drag users who are searching for similar content.

Besides all these, there is one more factor that has to be considered – the speed to upload the website. Search engines aim to load pages of the data to users with just a click. Fast loading websites are the most liked by search engines. For this make your website/blog flexible for being used in mobile phone, I- pads and tablets. Finally, an interesting topic with good content and with appropriate keywords will establish its place on the internet forever and automatically attract the web traffic to serve the purpose.

Hope this article will help you understand the facts on which SEO works. Please let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.